Wawaloli Beach

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Wawaloli Beach
Kalaoa, 96740

Tide Pools, Hiking

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Tide Pools, Hiking

Wawaloli Beach

The Big Island's Western Treasure

Wawaloli Beach, a hidden treasure on the west side of the island, stands out as a favorite tide-pool area for both locals and visitors. Nestled in a picturesque setting, this beach boasts an instantly accessible sand area separated from the open ocean by a sizable tide-pool. The unique feature of this tide-pool is that it offers pleasantly warm swimming options, particularly when the surf conditions are less favorable elsewhere.

Wawaloli Beach's charm extends beyond its tide-pool, offering conveniences like restrooms and showers, making it a family-friendly destination. Local families often bring their keiki (children) to play in the mostly protected area, making it a hub of joyful activities.

The main tide-pool, mostly lined with sand, provides the best swimming experience near high tide throughout the year. However, during periods of high surf, low tide may be more suitable. A smaller, less protected tide-pool comes into its own during low tide, offering unique exploration opportunities.

Exploring a water channel among the lava formations closer to the restrooms can add an extra layer of adventure to your visit. As the day turns into evening, consider grabbing a pizza on your way to the beach. Bring the kids, if you have them, and enjoy a delightful sunset over the ocean.

To reach Wawaloli Beach, take the road to the Natural Energy Lab, located near mile marker 94 on the main highway north of Kailua-Kona. You can park your vehicle just as the road veers to the right along the shoreline. While some equipment to the south may not be the most appealing sight, focusing on the natural beauty of the surroundings will enhance your experience.

Nearby, you'll find a 4WD road leading a mile south to Pine Trees, also known as Kohanaiki, a premier surf spot on the island. Its name originated from the presence of mangroves around a brackish pool, which some surfers mistakenly thought were pine trees. While the road to Pine Trees is fairly rough, there's a well-paved road accessible from the highway near mile marker 95 for a smoother journey.

Embrace the tranquility and unique charm of Wawaloli Beach, a coastal haven on the west side of the island offering memorable experiences for all.

Wawaloli BeachThe Big Island's Western TreasureWawaloli Beach, a hidden treasure on the west side of ....

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