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Uppers Beach Park

oahu/north shore
Beaches/Public Recreational

61-212 Kamehameha Hwy
Haleiwa, 96712

Surfing, Lava Rocks

Hours of Operation:

    7 AM–10 PM
Surfing, Lava Rocks

Uppers Beach Park

A Lesser-known Surf Site on Oahu's North Shore

Uppers Beach Park, despite its name, doesn't resemble a traditional beach park with amenities. Lacking facilities and a sandy shoreline, this rocky expanse is situated adjacent to Kamehameha Highway. Primarily frequented by surf enthusiasts, Uppers serves as a surf spot offshore, although it may not boast widespread popularity or exceptional surfing conditions. The access to the ocean is hindered by substantial lava rocks, requiring visitors to navigate carefully.
Named "Uppers" due to its position as the final surf spot preceding Waimea Bay when approaching from Haleiwa, this location caters mainly to surfers seeking a distinctive experience. While the surf conditions may not be universally acclaimed, the park's proximity to Waimea Bay adds a unique appeal. For those in search of a less conventional beach experience and an opportunity to witness dedicated surfers, Uppers Beach Park offers a rugged coastal setting along the scenic Kamehameha Highway.

Uppers Beach ParkA Lesser-known Surf Site on Oahu's North ShoreUppers Beach Park, despite its name, ....

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