Spencer Beach Park

big island/kohala


62-3461 Kawaihae Rd
Waimea, 96743

Family Friendly, Camping

(808) 961-8311

Hours of Operation:

    7 AM - 8PM
Family Friendly, Camping

Spencer Beach Park

The Big Island's Gem

pencer Beach Park, a beloved destination for families, is a hidden treasure located just south of Kawaihae Harbor on the Big Island of Hawaii. This beach's natural features create a haven for beachgoers, making it an ideal spot for a day of fun and relaxation.

What sets Spencer Beach Park apart is its natural protection. A long offshore reef, coupled with the extensive landfill from the harbor to the north, shelters the beach. The gentle slope of the beach and the protection provided by the reef make swimming conditions here usually quite good. Families, especially children (known as "keiki"), can safely enjoy the calm waters of Spencer Beach.

Although the proximity to the harbor may result in slightly cloudy water, it shouldn't deter you from enjoying the ocean here. In fact, if you're a snorkeler, you might be in for a unique treat. The seeping of cold freshwater from the ocean floor creates miniature underwater volcanoes, adding a fascinating touch to your underwater exploration.

Spencer Beach Park doesn't just offer natural beauty; it's equipped with numerous amenities. You'll find several showers, restrooms, a pavilion, a lifeguard for added safety, picnic tables, barbecue facilities, a lush lawn area, plenty of shade, and even basketball and volleyball courts. Camping is permitted with a county permit, allowing you to extend your beach adventure.

As you approach the park from the access road between mile markers 2 and 3 on Highway 270, you'll notice two sides of the park. The right (northern) side is often frequented by locals, while the left side tends to attract visitors. It's important to note that this park may have a more relaxed atmosphere compared to other pristine beaches, so expect a bit of a laid-back vibe.

Furthermore, just north of Spencer Beach Park is Pelekane Beach, situated in front of the Pu'ukohola Heiau. Swimming and sunbathing are not permitted here out of respect for the sacred heiau complex, and the presence of murky water and frequent blacktip reef shark sightings make swimming inadvisable.

For those interested in coastal exploration, the Ala Kahakai Trail between Spencer and Hapuna Beach provides a scenic shoreline journey. This trail hugs the coastline, crosses hole #3 on the golf course, and offers picturesque views of the shoreline, making it a pleasant addition to your beach day.

Spencer Beach Park welcomes visitors from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., providing ample opportunities to savor the natural beauty and recreational offerings of this beloved coastal destination. Whether you're a local or a visitor, a day at Spencer Beach Park promises relaxation, fun, and the chance to create lasting beach memories on Hawaii's Big Island.

Spencer Beach ParkThe Big Island's Gempencer Beach Park, a beloved destination for families, is a hi ....

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