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Puamana Park

Beaches/Public Recreational

272 Pualei Dr
Lahaina, 96761

Snorkeling, Swimming

Hours of Operation:

Snorkeling, Swimming

Puamana Park

Snorkel in the sun on Maui

If your ideal day involves lounging on the tailgate, savoring a cold beverage after a leisurely day of longboarding, Puamana Beach Park is destined to become your go-to spot on Maui. This beach exudes a perpetually laid-back vibe, attracting locals who hit the waves before work or unwind with refreshing beers afterward.

While Puamana may not boast an extensive beachfront, especially during high tide, the southern end often provides ample space for a laid-back beach chair setup. The park's atmosphere aligns with its tropical surroundings, offering consistently hot and sunny weather. For enthusiasts seeking the best waves, the prime surf season at Puamana Beach Park extends from April to October, making it the perfect time to grab your board and ride the waves in this idyllic Maui setting.

Puamana ParkSnorkel in the sun on MauiIf your ideal day involves lounging on the tailgate, savoring ....

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