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The Big Island's SCUBA Haven

Puako, the hidden treasure of the Big Island, offers a diverse underwater world that is a haven for snorkeling and SCUBA diving enthusiasts. While the swimming experience may be somewhat marginal, this coastal gem provides an extensive reef system that promises unforgettable adventures beneath the waves.

The waters at Puako may appear somewhat cloudy at first, but as you approach the reef's edge, they give way to remarkable clarity. Here, you're likely to share the ocean with multiple graceful sea turtles, creating a truly enchanting experience. To maximize your underwater adventure, explore the outer edges of the reef, where the most captivating marine life and scenic views await.

While you embrace the wonders of Puako, always remain cautious of ocean currents, and treat the ocean with the respect it deserves. Occasionally, beachgoers bring their dogs to this shoreline, adding a touch of charm as they frolic by the water's edge.

Though the winds may create some chop on the water's surface, it typically doesn't significantly affect the underwater experience, making Puako an ideal destination for aquatic explorations.

Puako offers an abundance of public access points along the bay, totaling ten legal entry points. Some of these access points may lack convenient parking facilities, but they provide gateways to the mesmerizing underwater world that Puako is known for. If you find the signs mysteriously absent, look out for the access points near telephone poles #101, 106, 110/111, 115, 120, 123, 127/128, 131/132, and 137, along with the dirt road at 143.

As you embark on your Puako adventure, don't forget to be awed by the vibrant marine life, tranquil waters, and the serenity that makes this destination an island paradise.

PuakoThe Big Island's SCUBA HavenPuako, the hidden treasure of the Big Island, offers a diverse unde ....

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