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Pe'epe'e Falls

big island/hilo
Beaches/Public Recreational

Pe'epe'e Falls
Hilo, 96720

Hiking, Swimming Hole

Hours of Operation:

Hiking, Swimming Hole

Pe'epe'e Falls

The Big Island's Boiling Pots

Pe'e Pe'e Falls, sometimes pronounced as Peh-eh Peh-eh Falls, is a captivating natural wonder fueled by the cascading waters of the Wailuku River, which also nourishes the renowned Rainbow Falls downstream. For visitors seeking an enchanting view of Pe'e Pe'e Falls, there's an accessible overlook area offering a partial glimpse of the falls, although the extent of the view can vary depending on the current water flow.

Regrettably, approaching Pe'e Pe'e Falls up close is now restricted, with several prominent closure signs clearly indicating the prohibition of venturing closer to the falls. It's important to note that disregarding these warnings could result in fines or ticketing.

The waterfall's appearance, as observed from the designated overlook, is contingent upon the region's rainfall patterns. The falls present a stunning spectacle, featuring multiple graceful streams that converge into a small pool at its base. While enjoying the view, it's advisable to be mindful of the presence of mosquitoes in the vicinity.

To reach Pe'e Pe'e Falls, follow the right fork after passing Mile Marker 1 on Waianuenue Avenue in the heart of downtown Hilo. Subsequently, follow the signs leading you to the renowned Rainbow Falls. Continue your journey beyond Rainbow Falls for approximately one mile to reach the captivating Pe'e Pe'e Falls. Conveniently, there are restroom facilities available at the park, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable visit.

As you explore the beauty of Pe'e Pe'e Falls, remember to respect the restrictions in place for both your safety and the preservation of this remarkable natural treasure.

Pe'epe'e FallsThe Big Island's Boiling PotsPe'e Pe'e Falls, sometimes pronounced as Peh-eh Peh-eh Fa ....

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