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Pāhoehoe Beach Park

big island/kailua kona
Beaches/Public Recreational

77-6434 Ali‘i
Kailua-Kona, 96740

Picnics, Hiking

Hours of Operation:

    S7 AM–8 PM
Picnics, Hiking

Pāhoehoe Beach Park

The Big Island Picnic Spot

While Pāhoehoe Beach Park may not boast extensive sandy shores, it offers a delightful spot for picnicking, basking in the warm Hawaiian sun, and relishing breathtaking sunsets from the comfort of benches overlooking the sea. The charm of this beach park lies in its serene and uncrowded ambiance, inviting you to unwind and embrace the beauty of nature.

Sheltered by picturesque trees and a well-maintained lawn, a small gravel pathway leads to the water's edge. However, it's essential to note that swimming without proper snorkeling gear is discouraged, as the beach predominantly features a unique underwater landscape. Only advanced snorkelers are encouraged to explore the underwater wonderland it conceals. The lava shelf just offshore is adorned with numerous captivating features, including holes, arches, and pockets, creating an exhilarating environment for underwater adventurers. Yet, this marine paradise is not without its challenges, as the surf can sometimes be quite formidable, potentially pushing swimmers over and even under the coral reef, transforming your exploration into a thrilling adventure. Keep an eye out for the abundant marine life that thrives in this underwater realm, including vibrant fish that add to the allure of Pāhoehoe Beach Park.

Conveniently situated just north of mile marker 4 on Alii Drive in Kailua, north of White Sands Beach, this beach park is a hidden gem worth discovering. The rocky shoreline may lack traditional sandy beaches, but its unique underwater environment and tranquil surroundings make Pāhoehoe Beach Park an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts, snorkeling enthusiasts, and those seeking a peaceful seaside escape.

Pāhoehoe Beach ParkThe Big Island Picnic SpotWhile Pāhoehoe Beach Park may not boast extensive san ....

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