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Oneuli Beach

Beaches/Public Recreational

5550 Makena Alanui
Kihei, 96753

Swimming, Snorkeling

Hours of Operation:

Swimming, Snorkeling

Oneuli Beach

Take a Break on Maui

Nestled on the Wailea side of the Pu’u Ola’i cinder cone, One'uli Beach, also known as Naupaka Beach, is a captivating gem within Makena State Park. The Hawaiian name "oneuli" aptly translates to "dark sands," a reference to the distinctive black sand that sets this beach apart. Despite being the nearest black sand beach to the resort areas, it often stands in the shadow of the more widely recognized Wainapanapa State Park.

Composed of finely ground lava rather than the typical coral and shell-based sand, One'uli Beach unfolds a geological narrative. The beach showcases a dramatic cross-section of the pu’u (cinder cone), revealing layers of cinder and lava sculpted by the relentless forces of the ocean.

While the thick blanket of black sand characterizes the shore, the abrupt transition to hard lava at the water's edge makes it less ideal for casual bathers. However, this beach compensates by offering an extraordinary snorkeling experience just beyond the water's entry. The underwater landscape harbors coral formations teeming with abundant sea life, including frequent visits from majestic Green Sea Turtles. Explore the unique geological features and vibrant marine ecosystem of One'uli Beach for an enriching coastal encounter.

Oneuli BeachTake a Break on MauiNestled on the Wailea side of the Pu’u Ola’i cinder cone, One'ul ....

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