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Oneloa Beach

Beaches/Public Recreational

Oneloa Beach
Wailea-Makena, 96753

Swimming, Snorkeling

Hours of Operation:

Swimming, Snorkeling

Oneloa Beach

Snorkel on Maui

Oneloa Beach, distinct from its South Maui namesake, stands as a hidden gem along Maui's western coastline. Despite the backdrop of numerous resort dwellings, this expansive beach remains surprisingly uncrowded. Upon entering through the public access point on the eastern end, visitors might initially dismiss the beach due to a visible lava bench in the nearshore waters, extending seemingly along its entire length.

However, this deceptive impression conceals the true charm of Oneloa. The left third of the beach unveils a delightfully sandy bottom, perfect for serene swimming when the waters are calm. Snorkeling around the left end reveals vibrant marine life and captivating rock formations, providing a rewarding underwater experience. Although susceptible to wind, particularly on the exposed right side, Oneloa Beach's gem status shines through during low wind and surf conditions, with early mornings offering the best beach experience. While lacking in facilities, the beach's natural beauty and tranquility make it a worthwhile escape. Accessible via Office Road, left on Kapalua Place, and parking in the small lot mauka to the beach trail, Oneloa Beach beckons those seeking a serene coastal haven away from the crowds.

Oneloa BeachSnorkel on MauiOneloa Beach, distinct from its South Maui namesake, stands as a hidden g ....

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