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Old Kona Airport Beach Park

big island/kailua kona
Beaches/Public Recreational

75-5560 Kuakini Hwy
Kailua-Kona,, 96740

Snorkeling, Camping


Hours of Operation:

    7 AM–8 PM
Snorkeling, Camping

Old Kona Airport Beach Park

The Big Island's Park On An Airport

Old Kona Airport Beach Park, situated on the former Kona Airport runway closed in 1970, offers a unique and historical beachfront experience. This idyllic park allows you to park anywhere on the old runway, giving you ample space to explore and enjoy its distinctive features. With its patchy beach and comprehensive facilities, this park provides a convenient and relaxed setting for locals and visitors alike.

On the southern end of the park, you'll find ball fields where parents enthusiastically support their Little League champions. The expansive beach is easily accessible, and the sunsets here are a true spectacle. While you won't find a vast expanse of soft sand, the beach is generally uncrowded during the week. At low tide, the rocky shores create inviting, pool-like areas along the beach, warmed by the sun and often filled with children joyfully splashing around.

At the far end of the former runway, a small cove offers excellent snorkeling opportunities. The underwater world here is teeming with life, and the fish counts can be truly incredible. Approximately 0.5 miles to the west, you'll discover the exquisite Papawai or Pawai Bay. The journey to Papawai Bay offers thrilling snorkeling experiences, especially for more experienced snorkelers. Crystal clear waters, abundant marine life, intricate caverns, sea arches, drop-offs, small caves, and shoreline pinnacles make this area a snorkeler's paradise. If you're fortunate, you may even encounter the elusive and extraordinary frogfish (an anglerfish) among the coral or the graceful Spanish dancers (contorting nudibranchs). However, it's essential to exercise caution during tricky surge conditions, and novice snorkelers should avoid the more challenging areas.

For a serene and shaded retreat, the backshore of Papawai Bay offers plush camping facilities. These facilities, belonging to the Queen Lili‘uokalani Trust, provide private camping spaces dedicated to Hawaiian children. This ensures that the legacy of this beautiful location is preserved and enjoyed by future generations. Whether you're looking for a day at the beach or a snorkeling adventure, Old Kona Airport Beach Park provides a unique and memorable experience steeped in history and natural beauty.

Old Kona Airport Beach ParkThe Big Island's Park On An AirportOld Kona Airport Beach Park, situated ....

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