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Namalu Bay

Beaches/Public Recreational

Namalu Bay
Kapalua, 96761

Snorkel, Hiking

Hours of Operation:

Snorkel, Hiking

Namalu Bay

Explore the coast of Maui

Explore the unique beauty of Namalu Bay, a coastal gem characterized by rocky shores and pebbles, offering a distinct experience away from traditional sandy beaches. While not ideal for setting up beach gear, Namalu Bay Beach is a breathtaking spot worth visiting for its scenic allure. To access this hidden treasure, park along Lower Honoapiilani Road, just south of the bay near Kapalua Bay Beach, where a convenient shoreline access sign near the Sea House Restaurant guides you.

Embark on a leisurely beach walk north from Kapalua Bay Beach to discover Namalu Bay, situated next to its sandy counterpart. Although reaching the water may involve a bit of hiking, the journey is rewarded with stunning vistas. Capture the moment, unwind, and immerse yourself in the natural splendor of Namalu Bay.

Take a stroll along the beach walk, relishing the scenic views, and consider the possibility of making Hawaii your permanent paradise. After soaking in the beauty, cool off at the nearby Kapalua Bay Beach, continuing your relaxation amid the soothing ocean waves. Namalu Bay invites you to savor the distinctive charm of Maui's coastline and create lasting memories amidst its rugged allure.

Namalu BayExplore the coast of MauiExplore the unique beauty of Namalu Bay, a coastal gem characteri ....

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