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Mokulau Beach

Beaches/Public Recreational

Mokulau Beach
Hana, Hawaii 96713

Horse Back Riding, Hiking

Hours of Operation:

Horse Back Riding, Hiking

Mokulau Beach

Explore Maui's Adventures

Mokulau Beach, nestled in Maui County, Hawaii, stands as a serene haven for beach lovers seeking a tranquil escape. The surrounding area boasts a scarcity of hotels, urging visitors to embark on a short journey to find accommodations. Camping enthusiasts will find nearby campgrounds to enhance their outdoor experience.

The allure of Mokulau Beach lies in the harmonious meeting of crystal-clear waters with a breathtaking coastline. While lacking extensive amenities, the beach's natural charm makes every visit enjoyable. Residents from Hana frequent this coastal gem, and those with time to spare can explore the nearby Haleakala National Park, a captivating national park.

Papaloa, in close proximity, offers additional exploration opportunities, while Maui Stables provides an excellent venue for horseback riding. Mokulau Beach guarantees a delightful experience, complemented by the nearby Kaupo Trail for hiking enthusiasts and the picturesque Pepeiaolepo Beach for scenic views. Adventure seekers can also explore the Halemauu Trail, and horse lovers can indulge in a memorable ride at Piiholo Ranch, ensuring that every moment at Mokulau Beach is an unforgettable one.

Mokulau BeachExplore Maui's AdventuresMokulau Beach, nestled in Maui County, Hawaii, stands as a ser ....

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