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Miloli'i Beach Park

big island/kailua kona
Beaches/Public Recreational

89-1825 Milolii Rd
Captain Cook, 96704

Hours of Operation:

    7 AM–7 PM

Miloli'i Beach Park

The Tranquil Beach On The Big Island

Situated 30 miles to the south of Kailua-Kona, Miloli'i Beach Park is a beloved local gem, and it's best respected as a tranquil haven for the close-knit community residing here. This tight-knit local community has a deep connection to this beach, and it's advisable to avoid weekends when the locals gather for their leisure activities. While Hawaii is known for its welcoming nature, it's essential to be mindful of not intruding on their personal time.

Miloli'i Beach Park serves as a community focal point, featuring a pavilion where local bands often serenade visitors with remarkable Hawaiian music on weekends and holidays. Although there's not an abundance of sandy shoreline, the beach offers excellent surfing opportunities, and it boasts well-established facilities.

In the 1970s, a powerful storm swept away much of the beach's sand and several homes. Some homeowners, who hastily bulldozed their damaged houses, were prohibited from rebuilding. Savvy property owners recognized the importance of preserving and repairing the original structures to maintain their proximity to the water.

To reach this charming destination, follow the road sign leading to Miloli'i and take the winding, one-lane paved road just south of mile marker 89. Be sure to drive slowly, especially towards the end of the road, while being attentive to local children.

Miloli'i Beach ParkThe Tranquil Beach On The Big IslandSituated 30 miles to the south of Kailua-Kona ....

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