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Mau'umae Beach

big island/kohala
Secret spots/Beaches

, 96743

Secluded, Scenic

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Secluded, Scenic

Mau'umae Beach

The Big Island's Hidden Treasure

Nestled on Hawaii's Big Island, Mau'umae Beach is a hidden coastal gem, offering tranquility and natural beauty in a secluded setting. If you seek a peaceful escape and prefer to avoid crowds, this beach is a serene option, particularly during the weekdays.

Mau'umae Beach boasts a picturesque landscape that provides a delightful backdrop for a picnic, and you might find that you have this enchanting spot all to yourself during the quieter weekdays. The beach is particularly inviting when the waters are calm, making it suitable for a refreshing swim.

While the snorkeling experience here is fair, it's essential to note that the water can sometimes be slightly cloudy. Nevertheless, the underwater world holds its own charms, waiting to be explored.

Access to Mau'umae Beach can be found through the Mauna Kea Resort entrance, located right on Kamahoi Road. Don't be discouraged if the entrance initially appears to lead to a maintenance yard. Proceed past the building and cross two white bridges. It's crucial to return before 5 p.m. when the gate is closed at the second bridge. Parking is available in the dirt lot further up the road, and a short, less than 5-minute trail walk leads you to the beach.

Alternatively, you can access Mau'umae Beach from Spencer Beach Park by taking a narrow trail near the facilities and following it to the left. However, it's worth mentioning that this beach doesn't offer any facilities, so be sure to come prepared with your necessities.

Often pronounced as "Mow-My," Mau'umae Beach is an underrated and relatively unknown treasure in this region of the island. While winter may occasionally thin out the sand, it's a place where nature's beauty takes center stage. You may come across some nudists here, adding to the beach's unique and relaxed ambiance.

Mau'umae Beach invites those in search of solitude and a genuine connection with nature. Its unspoiled charm, secluded location, and inviting waters make it a destination for those looking to unwind and appreciate the untouched beauty of Hawaii's Big Island. Explore Mau'umae Beach and savor the tranquility it offers in its serene coastal setting.

Mau'umae BeachThe Big Island's Hidden TreasureNestled on Hawaii's Big Island, Mau'umae Beach is a hi ....

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