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Makaha Beach Park

Beaches/Public Recreational

84-369 Farrington Hwy, Waianae, HI 96792
Waianae, 96792

Diving, Surfing

Hours of Operation:

    Open 24 hours
Diving, Surfing

Makaha Beach Park

Nestled along O'ahu's leeward coast, Makaha Beach Park

Nmed after the formidable Makaha Valley, is a slender 21-acre coastal haven bordered by the majestic Kepuhi Point on the west. The name "Makaha" translates to "fierce," reflecting the impressive waves that grace its shores. Internationally acclaimed for its surfing conditions, Makaha Beach boasts winter waves reaching up to 25 feet, providing surfers with some of Hawaii's most challenging swells. The renowned Makaha International Surfing Championships, initiated in 1952, contributed to the beach's global fame. Notable events, such as Buffalo's Big Board Contest, continue to honor surfing legend Richard "Buffalo" Keaulana. Despite the powerful surf, Makaha also offers calm periods ideal for scuba diving explorations, with popular dive sites like Makaha Caverns attracting enthusiasts to its captivating arches and underwater landscapes. Whether seeking thrilling waves or underwater adventures, Makaha Beach Park stands as a iconic destination on O'ahu's leeward coast.

Makaha Beach ParkNestled along O'ahu's leeward coast, Makaha Beach ParkNmed after the formidable Mak ....

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