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Mahukona Beach Park

big island/kohala

Waimea, 96743

Snorkeling, Swimming

(808) 961-8311

Hours of Operation:

    6 AM - 10 PM
Snorkeling, Swimming

Mahukona Beach Park

The Big Island's Sweet Spot

Experience the serenity of Mahukona Beach Park, a unique coastal treasure on the Big Island of Hawaii. When the ocean's gentle embrace graces this serene harbor, it becomes a realm of absolute calmness. Although it may not boast the traditional sandy shoreline, this former sugar company harbor beckons with its crystal-clear waters and the most effortless access for snorkeling or swimming. In fact, you can practically pull up, swing open your car door, and ease into the inviting waters (just remember to use the ladder conveniently located at the entrance to the right).

Beneath the surface, the underwater topography is both captivating and, at times, challenging. As you explore the seabed, exercise caution to avoid any encounters with treacherous terrain that might result in a painful scrape or bruise (speaking from experience). However, the effort is well worth it. Mahukona Beach Park boasts an array of marine life, making each dip an exploration of vibrant underwater ecosystems. Among the captivating sights, you may also come across remnants of the area's history, including abandoned sugar company equipment such as massive chains and wheels. The sparse remains of an old shipwreck serve as a testament to the maritime history that echoes through the waters.

For those eager to expand their aquatic journey, swimming north along the shoreline reveals even more wonders, with additional coral formations and an abundance of colorful fish. Yet, a word of caution: when the surf is up, it's best to postpone your aquatic plans. Even during tranquil moments, be sure to keep an eye out for any potential surginess in the water.

If you're seeking solitude, visiting Mahukona Beach Park during the week often means having this coastal paradise all to yourself. However, keep in mind that facilities are basic, and you'll need to bring your drinking water. Nevertheless, this slice of Hawaiian paradise is an extraordinary destination for those in search of a unique and peaceful beach experience, with its clear waters, rich marine life, and a glimpse into the island's industrial past. Explore Mahukona Beach Park and immerse yourself in its tranquil beauty.

Mahukona Beach ParkThe Big Island's Sweet SpotExperience the serenity of Mahukona Beach Park, a uniq ....

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