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La‘aloa Bay Beach Park

big island/kailua kona
Beaches/Public Recreational

77-650077 Ali‘i D
Kailua-Kona, 96740

Disappearing Sand, Snorkeling

Hours of Operation:

    7 AM–11 PM
Disappearing Sand, Snorkeling

La‘aloa Bay Beach Park

The Big Island's Beach With Many Names

La‘aloa Bay Beach Park, also known as White Sands, Magic Sands, or Disappearing Sands, is a unique coastal gem located just north of mile marker 4 along Alii Drive in Kailua. This small beach is renowned for its captivating sands that have a nomadic quality, retreating at the first sign of incoming surf, only to return slowly as the waves recede. This occasional dance of sands keeps the beach pristine and gleaming white. Local residents often recount tales of the entire beach vanishing within a day.

During periods when the sand is present, a shallow sandbar just offshore creates excellent conditions for swimming and bodyboarding, with the best wave break typically found on the south side of the beach. However, swimmers and adventurers should remain vigilant, as undertows and rocks can be present at the end of the ride. Water shoes are advisable in case you encounter rocks beneath the sand. In contrast, when the sand is sparse or being washed away by high surf, a strong rip current emerges, rendering water activities hazardous. Despite its small size, La‘aloa Bay Beach Park can become quite crowded due to its allure.

The beach is equipped with essential amenities, including lifeguards and facilities, and offers some respite under the shade of nearby trees. On calm days, snorkelers will delight in exploring the area to the north, in front of Kona Magic Sands condominiums, where large schools of fish often congregate. Furthermore, this location is known for its frequent encounters with moray eels, making it a unique snorkeling destination. Keep in mind that these creatures, though intriguing, should be observed with caution.

Just south of La‘aloa Bay, near mile marker 4, you'll discover a small cove offering excellent SCUBA diving conditions. This site features accessible underwater relief and caves, providing divers with thrilling underwater exploration. Snorkeling is also rewarding, with the added possibility of observing a pod of dolphins patrolling the waters offshore. La‘aloa Bay Beach Park is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., making it a great destination for enjoying the beach, water activities, and wildlife encounters.

La‘aloa Bay Beach ParkThe Big Island's Beach With Many NamesLa‘aloa Bay Beach Park, also known a ....

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