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Kukio Beach

big island/kailua kona

Kukio Beach
Kailua-Kona, 96740

Paddleboarding, Kayaking

Hours of Operation:

    6:30 AM– 6:30 PM
Paddleboarding, Kayaking

Kukio Beach

The Big Island's Peaceful Bay

Nestled between the Four Seasons Resort, Kukio Beach, located on the picturesque Kohala Coast between Kona and the Kohala Resort area, is another hidden gem waiting to be discovered. This splendid beach features a long, graceful crescent of pristine white sand, bordered in sections by swaying palm, ironwood, and kiawe trees that provide welcoming patches of shade.

Kukio Beach boasts a small but incredibly sheltered sandy cove at its southern end, offering a tranquil setting for beachgoers. While the main bay may not be known for the best swimming or snorkeling, particularly during periods of murky water and the presence of lava rocks, it compensates with its mesmerizing natural beauty.

Although the name "Kuki‘o Bay" may sound enchanting, its Hawaiian translation can be rather unconventional, signifying to "stand and defecate" in the traditional definition or "settled dregs" in the modern sense. While the historical origins of the name have been somewhat lost to time, it's an intriguing peculiarity. Public access to this beach is available from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The primary bay, despite its challenges for swimming and snorkeling, offers opportunities for activities such as stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and canoeing during the morning hours when the waters are typically calm. Although the winter season brings increased swells, the rocky shoreline tends to discourage some water sports. It's a perfect place for witnessing Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles (honu) resting along the shores and even catching glimpses of spinner dolphins in the bay's expansive waters.

Kukio Beach conveniently connects with Kikaua Point Beach Park at its southern end, granting access to a charming coconut palm-lined park and a small lagoon. This lagoon is an ideal setting for children to swim and play, or for adults to enjoy a more gentle beach experience. The area is equipped with essential amenities such as showers, restrooms, and drinking water, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable beach visit.

Kukio BeachThe Big Island's Peaceful BayNestled between the Four Seasons Resort, Kukio Beach, locate ....

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