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Keawaula Beach

oahu/north shore
Beaches/Public Recreational

Farrington Hwy
Waialua, 96791

Secluded, Scenic

Hours of Operation:

Secluded, Scenic

Keawaula Beach

Uncover a secluded beach on Oahu

Keawaula Beach, nestled in one of Oahu's most secluded areas, offering an untouched haven away from the typical tourist spots. While many visitors may miss this side of the island during their circumnavigation, there's an unparalleled charm to exploring the tranquil Westside of Oahu, known for its simplicity and local essence.

Keawaula Beach, with its pristine beauty, remains untouched by development, surrounded by miles of unspoiled landscapes framed by the majestic Waianae Mountain Range. This Oahu beach is a tranquil escape, often devoid of crowds, providing an extensive sandy expanse for you to explore in solitude. Embark on a journey to Keawaula Beach and immerse yourself in the uncharted beauty of Oahu's Westside, where simplicity and serenity converge to create a truly unique experience.

Keawaula BeachUncover a secluded beach on OahuKeawaula Beach, nestled in one of Oahu's most secluded ....

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