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Keaukaha Beach Park

big island/hilo
Beaches/Public Recreational

27 Apapane Rd
Hilo, 96720

Grassy Field, Lava Rocks


Hours of Operation:

    6 AM–9 PM
Grassy Field, Lava Rocks

Keaukaha Beach Park

The Rocky Shores Of The Big Island

Keaukaha Beach Park, situated near Hilo, offers a unique and rocky coastal experience. Don't expect sandy shores here; instead, you'll find sturdy lava shelves beneath your feet. Be sure to bring reliable water shoes as you venture to this renowned Hilo snorkeling destination. Once you don your mask and step into the water, you'll be transported into a serene, captivating, and diverse marine realm.

The lava shelves at Keaukaha Beach Park provide a haven for an array of marine life. Amongst the cracks, holes, and coves in the lava rock, you'll discover crabs, fish, and various underwater critters bustling about. Venturing beyond the lava shelf, you'll reach a protective coral reef where even more colorful fish await your exploration.

This reef ensures a safe environment for swimming and snorkeling, but don't take the park's calm waters for granted. Only enter the ocean when conditions are tranquil, with waves well within the protective reef. Prior to your visit, it's advisable to check online for ocean conditions.

Keaukaha Beach Park is an excellent spot for snorkeling, especially on hot days, thanks to the underwater freshwater springs in the area. Look for the bubbles rising to the surface and notice the refreshing chill of the spring water.

This park also offers a fantastic picnic setting. Overlooking the water, a spacious grassy area with picnic tables allows you to savor your meal while observing fellow visitors exploring the park's captivating underwater world. As the day progresses, witness the sun's hues transition to deep purple over Puhi Bay.

You can easily locate Keaukaha Beach Park just north of Hilo Airport, accessible via Kalanianaole Road. Here, you can also enjoy watching planes taking off and landing at the Big Island's second-busiest airport, adding a unique touch to your coastal experience.

Keaukaha Beach ParkThe Rocky Shores Of The Big IslandKeaukaha Beach Park, situated near Hilo, offers ....

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