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Kanaio Beach

Beaches/Public Recreational

Kanaio Beach
Kula, 96790

Secluded, Surfing

Hours of Operation:

Secluded, Surfing

Kanaio Beach

Swim, Surf, and Sunbath On Maui

Nestled along the Pacific Ocean, Kanaio Beach stands at the 261st position among the 282 beaches in the Hawaii region, approximately 171.4 km from Honolulu's center. Situated within the Keone'o'io settlement, merely 3 km from its heart, this beach is a natural haven surrounded by mountains and cliffs. Partially shaded by trees, Kanaio Beach offers a tranquil escape.

Featuring several tiny bays with crystal turquoise waters and rocky terrain, it's advisable to wear special shoes due to the sharpness of the water entry. The beach caters to various preferences, attracting solo travelers and those seeking a peaceful retreat. Even during peak seasons, Kanaio Beach remains relatively deserted.

With its untouched coastline, Kanaio Beach lacks amenities, providing an unspoiled connection with nature. Beyond swimming and sunbathing, visitors can engage in various activities. Accessing the beach is straightforward, involving a short walk along a trail, with parking conveniently located within 300 meters. Experience the serenity of Kanaio Beach, a pristine gem amid Hawaii's coastal treasures.

Kanaio BeachSwim, Surf, and Sunbath On MauiNestled along the Pacific Ocean, Kanaio Beach stands at t ....

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