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Kamehameha Iki Park

Public Recreational/Beaches

525 Front St
Lahaina, 96761

Picnics, Swimming

Hours of Operation:

    8 AM–8 PM
Picnics, Swimming

Kamehameha Iki Park

Explore Mau with Your Family

Explore the historic significance of Kamehameha Iki Park, a beach that once housed royalty and witnessed a rich cultural legacy. Despite a history marked by abuse and the loss of historical remnants, this area is now undergoing a cultural renaissance, offering visitors a glimpse into its storied past. A must-see is the historic heiau adorned with a traditional hale, reflecting the area's cultural revival.

Surrounded by two surf breaks, Kamehameha Iki Park provides diverse options for water enthusiasts. The south break, known as Shark Pit, demands caution and is primarily reserved for locals due to its challenging conditions. On the other hand, the north break, Lahaina Breakwall, offers consistent small waves, making it an ideal spot for beginners. However, be prepared for crowds as surf schools frequent the area, providing lessons and adding to the vibrant atmosphere of this culturally rich and historically significant Maui destination.

Kamehameha Iki ParkExplore Mau with Your FamilyExplore the historic significance of Kamehameha Iki P ....

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