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Kaloko Fish­pond

big island/kailua kona
Beaches/Public Recreational

Kaloko Fish­pond
Kalaoa, 96740

Fishing, Hiking

Hours of Operation:

Fishing, Hiking

Kaloko Fish­pond

The Big Island's Place To Fish

Kaloko Fishpond: A Historic Marvel on Hawaii's Coast. Behold the stone walls, standing steadfast against the relentless ocean's embrace, as they trace the borders of Kaloko Fishpond. This remarkable marvel, known as a "loko kuapa," has long held its ground at the confluence of land and sea. Dry stacked without mortar, these walls encircle the entrance to a tranquil bay, and their history is a testament to Hawaiian ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Kaloko Fishpond's stone walls are no ordinary barriers; they are a testament to a sophisticated aquaculture technique designed to harness the ocean's bounties. The walls are strategically angled to break the force of the powerful ocean waves while permitting the steady flow of seawater through porous lava rocks, which, in turn, circulate around the fishpond. At the heart of this ingenious design stands a large sluice gate known as "makaha." This gate serves a dual purpose, allowing controlled water exchange with the pond while preventing larger fish from venturing into the open sea.

Hawaiian fishponds like Kaloko are a testament to the engineering prowess of the native Hawaiians. These structures, unmatched in Polynesia, represent a significant part of the islands' heritage. They offered sustainable fish production and were instrumental in supporting the Hawaiian population.

While time and neglect took their toll, recent efforts are underway to breathe new life into Kaloko Fishpond. These initiatives aim to restore the pond and revive its role in aquaculture, breathing life back into this historic site. Kaloko Fishpond stands as a reminder of the enduring legacy of the Hawaiians and the incredible engineering feats that shaped these islands. Visit this historical marvel and witness the resurgence of an ancient tradition.

Kaloko Fish­pondThe Big Island's Place To FishKaloko Fishpond: A Historic Marvel on Hawaii's Coast. ....

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