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Kaihalulu Beach


Kaihalulu Beach
Hana, 96713

Secluded, Scenic

Hours of Operation:

Secluded, Scenic

Kaihalulu Beach

Explore Maui's Beaches

Nestled within Kauiki Head, Kaihalulu Beach is a concealed cove renowned for its distinctive red sand, a result of iron oxidization from the surrounding lava rock. This remarkable phenomenon lends the beach its name. Encircled by steep cliffs, the bay finds protection in jagged black lava rock, creating a striking contrast against the azure expanse of the ocean.

Accessing the beach involves traversing a trail through private property, and the narrow unpaved path along the cliff's edge poses potential hazards. For a safe experience, it is advisable to admire this wonder from a distance. Ensure you don proper hiking shoes and plan your visit during favorable weather conditions to enhance the overall experience of witnessing Kaihalulu Beach's captivating beauty.

Kaihalulu BeachExplore Maui's BeachesNestled within Kauiki Head, Kaihalulu Beach is a concealed cove ....

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