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Kahekili Beach Park

Beaches/Public Recreational

65 Kai Ala Dr
Lahaina, 96761

Picnics, BBQ Pits


Hours of Operation:

Picnics, BBQ Pits

Kahekili Beach Park

Explore the Coast of Maui

Nestled as the northernmost jewel in the Ka’anapali Beach Resort crown, Kahekili Beach stands out for its tranquil ambiance and a refreshing lack of commercialization compared to its southern counterpart, Ka’anapali Beach. Renowned for its extensive stretch of shoreline and abundant facilities, Kahekili Beach Park is a hidden gem that caters to all beach enthusiasts.

This beach is my top recommendation for those seeking a serene haven for "not-so-strong swimmers" or first-time snorkelers. The unique feature of the reef reaching the shore and mild surf makes Kahekili a snorkeler's paradise. With no need to navigate deep waters or exposed rocks, the ease of snorkeling here is unparalleled—simply dive in, and you're surrounded by vibrant marine life.

Kahekili Beach Park is also a preferred spot for diving outfits introducing beginners to the underwater world. The easy beach access and relatively shallow diving areas make it an ideal destination for novice divers. Experience the tranquility and natural beauty of Kahekili Beach Park, a coastal retreat that embodies the essence of Maui's unspoiled shoreline.

Kahekili Beach ParkExplore the Coast of MauiNestled as the northernmost jewel in the Ka’anapali Be ....

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