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Isaac Hale Beach Park

big island/puna
Beaches/Public Recreational

Pāhoa, 96778

Fishing, Camping


Hours of Operation:

    8 AM - 7 PM
Fishing, Camping

Isaac Hale Beach Park, nestled on the shores of picturesque Pohoiki Bay in Hawaii's Puna district on the Big Island, USA, is a captivating oceanfront destination. This beach park is renowned for its robust currents and impressive waves. It carries a rich historical legacy as part of a traditional fishing village that thrived for centuries, serving as one of the few gateways to the ocean on the southeastern coast of Hawaii.

sa­ac Hale Beach Park holds a special place in the hearts of locals as it served as a launching point for fishermen and their boats for countless decades. However, its history took a dramatic turn in 2018 when a colossal lava flow approached the park's doorstep, threatening to engulf it. Fortunately, the lava flow ceased just in time, leaving behind a captivating deposit of black sand from the ocean entry, which ultimately evolved into the island's newest beach.

The formation of this new black sand beach was met with great excitement, but nature's relentless force has already reshaped it, creating a picturesque yet rugged coastline. The shoreline has transformed into a black, rocky terrain, making it somewhat challenging to enjoy a leisurely walk along the shore. Given the unpredictable and intimidating ocean conditions in this area, some adventurous souls opt to take a dip in the pools formed where the shoreline used to be. Be advised that warning signs caution visitors about the potential hazards of stagnant water.

For those who venture down the shoreline trail to the right of the boat launch for a brief two-minute walk, a hidden gem awaits. Nestled within the vine-covered jungle, a mere stone's throw from the shore, you'll discover a small (8-foot by 14-foot) warm water pool known as Pohoiki. Its secluded setting is a tranquil paradise. Although it is separated from the ocean, its water level historically mirrors the tide, offering a deeper and more desirable experience during high tide when it's refreshed by the waves. It's worth noting that you may encounter wild pigs while exploring the jungle in this area. Partaking in a unique encounter with these creatures is a memory that is bound to leave a lasting impression.

Isaac Hale Beach Park, nestled on the shores of picturesque Pohoiki Bay in Hawaii's Puna district on ....

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