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Honokawela Beach

oahu/north shore
Beaches/Public Recreational

57-435 Honokawela Dr
Kahuku, 96731

Calm Waters, Sea Turtles

Hours of Operation:

Calm Waters, Sea Turtles

Honokawela Beach

A Beach Haven on Oahu

Honokawela Beach, a tranquil haven on Oahu's North Shore, provides a serene escape, particularly during the winter when robust waves elsewhere deter ocean activities. This lovely bay boasts calm waters suitable for safe swimming. While the rocky sand entrance and exit pose a hazard, the beach itself offers a pleasing expanse of soft, sandy shores. A hidden gem, it almost guarantees solitude, allowing you to bask in nature's beauty.

To access this secluded paradise, park alongside the highway near the Kahuku farm stand and follow the well-marked trail leading to the beach. Along the way, encounter a massive baby on a tree, adding a touch of whimsy to your journey. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Honokawela Beach, where the chance to spot hono (sea turtles) awaits, making it a picturesque retreat on Oahu's scenic North Shore.

Honokawela BeachA Beach Haven on OahuHonokawela Beach, a tranquil haven on Oahu's North Shore, provi ....

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