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Hilo Bayfront Beach Park

big island/hilo
Beaches/Public Recreational

Hilo Bayfront Beach Park
Hilo, 96720

Fishing, Kayaking

Hours of Operation:

    5 AM–8 PM
Fishing, Kayaking

Hilo Bayfront Beach Park

Home To The Big Island's Hammerhead Sharks

Nestled among a collection of beach parks just south of Hilo on the Big Island, Carlsmith Beach Park is a tropical paradise where the warmth of family-friendly vibes welcomes you. This beautifully maintained beach park offers ease of access, creating the ideal setting for a relaxing day by the sea. With vigilant lifeguards overseeing weekends and holidays, Carlsmith Beach Park guarantees a carefree beach experience filled with opportunities for snorkeling, swimming, and leisurely lounging.

What sets Carlsmith Beach Park apart is its unique combination of a garden park and a beach park, seamlessly blending natural beauty with recreational facilities. It shares its border with Kealoha Beach Park, enhancing the appeal of the entire area.

The lava rock shelf that lines the shoreline doubles as a pathway leading into a series of captivating lagoons, each with its soft sandy bottom. These tranquil lagoons offer a safe haven for swimming and snorkeling, thanks to the protective embrace of the nearby reef. Freshwater springs bubble up in various spots, providing refreshing respites throughout the lagoons. The lush surroundings, adorned with coconut palms and vibrant tropical flora, conjure the spirit of the Polynesian South Seas.

While at Carlsmith Beach Park, you're likely to encounter green Hawaiian sea turtles basking in the shallow ponds and engaging in a delightful feeding frenzy. These friendly creatures may approach you during your snorkeling adventures, but it's crucial to remember that they're a legally protected and endangered species. For their well-being, and yours, maintain a respectful distance of at least 10 feet and avoid any direct contact.

The park's amenities extend to an expansive lawn area, shaded pavilions, barbecue grills, picnic tables, showers, and well-appointed restroom facilities. These conveniences ensure that you and your family remain comfortable and relaxed during your fun-filled beach day at Carlsmith Beach Park in Hilo.

Hilo Bayfront Beach ParkHome To The Big Island's Hammerhead SharksNestled among a collection of beac ....

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