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Ha­wai­ian Rail­way So­ci­e­ty


91-1001 Renton Rd
Ewa Beach, 96706

Scenic, Tours

Hours of Operation:

    9 AM–3PM
Scenic, Tours

Ha­wai­ian Rail­way So­ci­e­ty

Ride the Historic Railway on Oahu

The Hawaiian Railway Society stands as an educational non-profit, passionately committed to preserving, restoring, and safeguarding Hawaii's rich railroad heritage. As the sole custodian of Oahu's historic railroad and the exclusive operator of a living railroad museum in the state, we offer a unique opportunity to journey through Hawaii's railroading past.

Embark on an unforgettable ride along a historic stretch of track west of old Ewa, immersing yourself in captivating tales of Hawaii's railroad history. Our train rides are available year-round, allowing visitors to experience the charm of a bygone era.

For added convenience, a dedicated picnic area awaits passengers, providing a delightful space to enjoy pre or post-ride meals. This area is perfect for hosting special occasions and birthday parties, and reservations are welcome. Join us at the Hawaiian Railway Society for an enriching exploration of Hawaii's railroad legacy.

Ha­wai­ian Rail­way So­ci­e­tyRide the Historic Railway on OahuThe Hawaiian Railway Society st ....

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