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Hanomanioa Light

Beaches/Public Recreational

Hanomanioa Light
Kula,, 96790

Hiking, Scenic

Hours of Operation:

Hiking, Scenic

Hanomanioa Light

Take A Brisk Hike in Maui

Embark on the captivating Hoapili Trail, a delightful 3-mile round-trip hike leading to the Hanomanioa Lighthouse. While the lighthouse may not steal the spotlight, the trail offers a mesmerizing journey through Maui's southwest rift zone of Haleakala crater and coastal landscapes.

As you traverse the trail, be greeted by the stark beauty of dark lava rocks, often accompanied by feral goats roaming freely. Your path meanders past small beach areas, weaving through a grove of trees where feral goats gracefully cross your way. Emerging from the grove, the trail unfolds over open lava fields until you reach the unassuming Hanomanioa Lighthouse.

Standing at 20 feet, the metal lighthouse may seem ordinary, but it holds its own charm, especially when illuminated at night. For those seeking an extended adventure, an additional 0.5-mile hike leads to Kanaio Beach, marking the trail's endpoint. Note that venturing beyond Kanaio Beach involves private land and is not recommended. Keep dogs leashed, and remember that biking is not permitted on this scenic trail.

Hanomanioa LightTake A Brisk Hike in MauiEmbark on the captivating Hoapili Trail, a delightful 3-mil ....

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