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Hanauma Bay

Beaches/Public Recreational

Hanauma Bay
Honolulu, 96825

Snorkeling, Nature Preserve

Hours of Operation:

Snorkeling, Nature Preserve

Hanauma Bay

A Delicate Piece of Nature on Oahu

Nestled within a tuff ring along the southeast coast of Oʻahu, Hanauma Bay stands as a captivating marine embayment situated in the Hawaii Kai neighborhood of East Honolulu, Hawaii. This natural wonder has become one of the island's most sought-after tourist destinations, drawing visitors with its mesmerizing beauty and unique ecosystem.

Over the years, Hanauma Bay has faced challenges related to overtourism, with visitor numbers exceeding three million annually. In response, efforts have been made to promote sustainable tourism practices, emphasizing the importance of preserving the delicate ecosystem. In 1956, the reef underwent modifications using dynamite to create space for telephone cables linking Hawaii to the U.S. west coast.

For first-time visitors, an essential introduction awaits—a mandatory 9-minute video detailing the bay's history, its ecological significance, and guidelines for responsible and sustainable exploration. Immerse yourself in the allure of Hanauma Bay, where nature's wonders and environmental consciousness converge for an enriching experience

Hanauma BayA Delicate Piece of Nature on OahuNestled within a tuff ring along the southeast coast of ....

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