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Hana Bay Beach Park

Beaches/Public Recreational

150 Keawa Pl
Hana, 96713

Picnics, Swimming


Hours of Operation:

Picnics, Swimming

Hana Bay Beach Park

Enjoy Maui's Beach Parks

When exploring Hana, a must-visit is Hana Bay Beach Park, boasting a vast black sand beach formed by the gradual erosion of lava over time, creating a stunning coastal landscape. While the allure of swimming is apparent, it's wise to consult with a local before taking a dip.

Adjacent to the bay is the Hana pier, offering a distinctive perspective of Hana town. The prominent Ka'uiki Hill on the far right enhances the scenic beauty. For a unique experience, venture to the end of the road where the pier begins, and discover a trail leading around Ka'uiki Hill. This trail unveils panoramic views of Hana's coastline, town, and a hidden red sand pocket beach approximately 200 yards into the hike.

Although the sand conditions can vary seasonally, the highlight of this hike is undoubtedly the breathtaking view of Hana town against the backdrop of Haleakala. Explore this coastal gem and relish the natural wonders that Hana Bay Beach Park has to offer.

Hana Bay Beach ParkEnjoy Maui's Beach ParksWhen exploring Hana, a must-visit is Hana Bay Beach Park, ....

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