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Battleship Missouri Memorial


63 Cowpens St
Honolulu, 96818

Tours, Battleship


Hours of Operation:

    8 AM - 4PM
Tours, Battleship

Battleship Missouri Memorial

Climb Aboard the WWII Battleship On Oahu

Step onto the historic USS Missouri, a colossal battleship weighing over 58,000 tons and spanning nearly 900 feet, offering a captivating journey through time. This mighty vessel, fondly known as the "Mighty Mo," served as the backdrop to the Japanese surrender, marking the end of World War II and concluding its impressive 50-year career.

As the last battleship built and decommissioned by the United States, the USS Missouri holds a unique place in history. Explore the very deck where General Douglas MacArthur accepted Japan's surrender and stand by the enormous 16-inch, 50-caliber guns that once defined her power. Venture below deck to inspect the crew's living quarters and mess, and ascend to the bridge for a commanding view from the Captain's Chair. Experience the legacy of the USS Missouri, a living testament to American naval history and its pivotal role in three wars across five decades.

Battleship Missouri MemorialClimb Aboard the WWII Battleship On OahuStep onto the historic USS Misso ....

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