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Art on the Zoo Fence

Attractions/Public Recreational

2760 Monsarrat Ave
Honolulu, 96815

Outdoor Art Display, Zoo


Hours of Operation:

Outdoor Art Display, Zoo

Art on the Zoo Fence

Visit the Free Art Show in Oahu

Art on the Zoo Fence is a cherished cultural tradition in Hawaii that has graced Honolulu's Waikiki neighborhood for over 70 years. Every Saturday and Sunday, from 9 A.M. to 3 P.M., this open-air art exhibition transforms the picturesque tropical setting near the Honolulu Zoo into an artistic haven. Local artists from Hawaii gather here to personally showcase their creations, allowing visitors to engage with their work. This longstanding event has become one of Hawaii's enduring cultural treasures.

Art on the Zoo Fence also embodies the spirit of giving back. The participating artists are affiliated with the nonprofit organization Zoo Fence Artists, which annually contributes to various causes promoting art education. Located along the exterior of the Honolulu Zoo fence on Monsarrat Avenue, across from Kapiolani Park Bandstand, this exhibition offers more than just art. It provides free parking, convenient bus stops, and accessible restrooms, ensuring an enjoyable and enriching experience for all. Immerse yourself in the world of fine art while connecting with Hawaii's talented artists.

Art on the Zoo FenceVisit the Free Art Show in OahuArt on the Zoo Fence is a cherished cultural trad ....

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