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Akaka Falls State Park

big island/hamakua
Adventure/Public Recreational

Honomu, 96728

Waterfalls, Hiking


Hours of Operation:

    8:30 AM–5 PM
Waterfalls, Hiking

Akaka Falls State Park

The Big Island's Tropical Rainforest park

Akaka Falls State Park, nestled in the northeastern Hamakua Coast of Hawaii, boasts not one, but two magnificent waterfalls, set amidst a lush tropical paradise that captivates the senses of every visitor.

The journey to Akaka Falls is a visual delight, an experience almost as spectacular as the falls themselves. A brief descent down a set of stairs leads you to a left turn, where you follow a well-maintained paved pathway that meanders through a wonderland of vibrant greenery. Along the way, you'll encounter small waterfalls cascading into babbling streams, adding to the enchantment of the trail.

Please note that Akaka Falls State Park now has non-resident fees for visitors, and visiting times are typically limited to an hour to accommodate new arrivals. As of the current update, the non-resident fees comprise a $10 fee per vehicle for parking and a $5 fee per person. Children under three years old enjoy free admission.

Throughout your journey, you'll find yourself immersed in a lush botanical wonderland, surrounded by magnificent flora. Towering giant ti plants, vibrant birds of paradise, elegant torch ginger, towering bamboo, and the dramatic split-leaf philodendron adorn your path. The resonating sound of the waterfall serenades you before it comes into view. As you round a corner, there it is – Akaka Falls – gracefully plunging a staggering 442 feet into a gorge enveloped by lush greenery. For the most captivating photographs of the falls, we recommend an early morning visit on a slightly overcast day when the filtered sunlight accentuates the misty cascades.

Further along the path, you'll find signs directing you to Kahuna Falls, another beautiful waterfall, though somewhat concealed by the surrounding greenery. The trail ultimately loops back to the parking lot, where you'll find comprehensive facilities for your convenience. The entire trail extends just 0.4 miles.

To access this natural wonder, head inland (mauka) between mile markers 14 and 13 on Honomu Road. As you reach the hill's summit, veer right onto the main street of charming Honomu town. Here, you'll discover a delightful array of art galleries, gift shops, and quaint cafes. Take your first right onto Akaka Falls Road and continue for 3.75 miles until you arrive at the parking lot, where your Akaka Falls adventure begins.

Akaka Falls State ParkThe Big Island's Tropical Rainforest parkAkaka Falls State Park, nestled in th ....

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