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Ahihi-Kinau Natural Reserve

Beaches/Public Recreational

End of the Road
Kanahena/Keone, 96753

Hiking, Swimming

Hours of Operation:

    Open 24 hours
Hiking, Swimming

Ahihi-Kinau Natural Reserve

Maui's Giant Nature Reserve

Established in 1973, the ʻĀhihi-Kīnaʻu Natural Area Reserve covers 1,238 acres of coastal lava fields and surrounding waters along Maui's southwest coast. This Hawaiian reserve, extending 3 miles along the coastline, encompasses 807 acres of ocean and numerous cultural, geologic, and ecological sites. It serves as habitat for rare and endangered species, preserving the island's unique components.

Situated at the end of Mākena Road, between Makena State Park and La Perouse Bay, the reserve aims to protect the geologic setting of Maui's most recent lava flow, distinctive nearshore coral reef ecosystems, and the anchialine ponds within its boundaries. With popular snorkeling and diving sites, ʻĀhihi-Kīnaʻu Natural Area Reserve stands as a testament to Hawaii's commitment to conserving its rich natural heritage.

Ahihi-Kinau Natural ReserveMaui's Giant Nature ReserveEstablished in 1973, the ʻĀhihi-Kīnaʻu Nat ....

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